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Environmental Lawyer in Seattle, Olympia, Vancouver, WA

Washington Environmental Law 

Environmental law is a term that describes the complex of treaties, statutes, regulations, and common laws that address pollution or the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.  The areas of environmental law that we practice at Cascade Pacific Law encompass environmental permit review, environmental litigation, administrative and regulatory procedure, property development and purchase, waste management, pollution remediation, insurance reimbursement, water quality, air quality, and energy development.  

At Cascade Pacific Law, as your environmental attorney, we offer a wealth of experience in handling issues relating to environmental law and have appeared before various state, local, and federal agencies, tribunals, and courts.  We work closely with you and work diligently to protect your interests.

Environmental Permit Review

It can be a challenge to navigate the government regulations for manufacturing, development, and new construction. To obtain needed development and operating permits, clients must provide regulatory agencies with information outlining how their proposals will impact the environment and natural resources.  This information must be thorough and often must be prepared by professional consultants and attorneys. 

We help you determine what environmental permits and other approvals are required and what regulatory standards apply to your manufacturing or development activities.  We help you conduct your business in a manner that is compliant with federal, state, and local environmental regulatory requirements.  We help you through the permit application and approval process so you can be on your way to achieving your goals. 

We Help with These Types of Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Regulations

  • Clean Water Act and Washington Water Pollution Control Act
  • Effluent Discharge Limitations
  • Stormwater Management and Permitting
  • Wetland and Dredge & Fill Permitting
  • National Environmental Policy Act and State Environmental Policy Act
  • The Washington Shoreline Management Act and Growth Management Act
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
  • Shellfish Farming, Dairy Farming, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Property Development and Acquisition, New Building and Construction, Public Works Projects

Environmental Litigation

We institute legal proceedings on behalf of clients and we provide competent legal defense services for clients who are overzealously prosecuted.  If negotiation and mediation do not, or will not, succeed, we litigate on behalf of our clients before administrative tribunals and in the courts.     

Our clients may need our environmental litigations skills in various situations.  They may disagree with a regulatory agency over the regulatory standards or mitigation required when applying for an environmental permit.  Our clients may encounter and a regulatory compliance or enforcement action by a governmental agency.  Our clients also may need to negotiate environmental claims and liability relating to environmental contamination.  

We represent businesses, governments, and non-profits in civil proceedings before local, state, and federal administrative and judicial tribunals, including the Washington Pollution Control Hearings Board, the Shorelines Hearings Board, the Growth Management Hearings Board, county Hearing Examiners, the Washington Superior Courts and Washington Courts of Appeals, and in the federal courts. 

We Help with These Types of Environmental Litigation

  • Defense of Enforcement Actions
  • Permit Appeals
  • Environmental Cleanup and Environmental Cost Recovery under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability and the Washington Model Toxics Control Act  (CERCLA and MTCA)
  • Insurance Litigation for Policyholders
  • Environmental/Real Estate Litigation
  • Natural Resource Damages

Property Development & Acquisition

When acquiring any interest in real property, it is import to undertake a thorough environmental due diligence investigation, particularly when it comes to commercial real estate transactions.  This is especially true with respect to the discovery of any actual or potential environmental contamination, the historical use of hazardous substances at or near the site, or the existence of any hazardous building materials in the property’s improvements.  Both federal and state laws impose potentially significant liabilities on owners and operators of properties with environmental contamination.  Because of the potential liability for cleaning up contamination, nearly all real estate deals today require some level of environmental review -- including Phase I and Phase II investigations and facility compliance assessments.   

Working with governmental officials and environmental consultants, we help clients who purchase and sell property evaluate potential environmental liabilities early in the process.  In consultation with appropriate experts, where a property is contaminated, we help facilitate a cost effective clean up.  It is often possible with the right team to remediate contaminated “brownfields” turning abandoned contaminated properties into valuable community and economic assets.     

We Help with These Types of Regulatory Compliance Relating to Real Property Development and Acquisition 

  • Environmental Assessments and Due Diligence Reviews
  • Prospective Purchaser Agreements
  • Project Permitting and Development
  • Purchase and  or Lease Agreements
  • Participation in Ecology’s Toxics Cleanup Programs

Waste Management & Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Both federal and state laws and regulations establish a program for managing solid and hazardous waste from cradle to grave and to clean up waste that was not properly managed in the past.  This system of regulation is complex and complying with it can be costly, especially if not properly managed.

We help our clients understand these regulations to ensure compliance as they build and operate their facilities.  We help facilitate any needed cleanup of contamination that has occurred. We negotiate administrative enforcement orders regarding environmental remediation.  We work with technical consultants to investigate and facilitate the cleanup of hazardous waste sites.  We also help our clients settle their cleanup liabilities with other potentially liable parties – either to recover cleanup costs or defend clients against unwarranted actions for cost recovery. 

We Help with Environmental Compliance in These Areas

  • CERCLA, or Superfund Sites, and MTCA  
  • Natural Resource Damages

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Washington’s Solid Waste Management – Reduction and Recycling Act and Washington’s Solid Waste Disposal Act

  • Brownfields Remediation

  • Underground Storage Tank Management and Cleanup

  • Solid Waste Facility Permitting

  • Representation for sediment sites, landfills, manufacturing plants, plating facilities, dry cleaners, gas stations, log sort yards, underground storage tank locations, bulk storage facilities, chemical formulation plants, warehouse and distribution facilities, and residential fuel oil sites.

Insurance Coverage for Environmental Pollution 

Insurance policies will often cover expenses resulting from the need to cleanup environmental contamination.  Collecting under and insurance policy first requires that the policy holder locate the policies, gather all of the physical and historical facts and apply the governing laws to prove that any coverage under the policy is triggered.

We work with insurance investigators and the applicable law to find and interpret and enforce the terms of insurance policies.

We Help with Insurance Coverage in These Areas

  • Insurance Records Review
  • Historical Research of the Facility 
  • Interpretation and Enforcement of Insurance Policy Provisions
  • Preparation of Insurance Claims
  • Negotiation of Settlements
  • Litigation to Enforce Insurance Policy Terms 


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