Re: Environmental Law 

Jacqui [Brown Miller] is a bright and dedicated professional who has served in the public sector for over a decade.  She has accepted progressively larger roles involving more responsibility and requiring advanced levels of leadership, strategic thinking and problem solving, collaboration and cooperation, and has the ability to work quickly and delivery quality results within a dynamic and high-pressure environment.  As a government attorney, Jacqui provided client advice and litigation services on a variety of complex issues involving multiple divergent interests.  She demonstrated solid legal research and analytical skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to work collegially with the client and fellow legal professionals.  Jacqui is results driven and an effective advocate. As [Oil Spill Advisory Council] Director, Jacqui showed character and strategic leadership in helping the Council pursue its mission.  … worked with Council members from competing interst groups … and skillfully lead her staff in pursuit and implementation of [their] plan.  MORE.  ~ Christine Gregoire, Governor  (2009)

Jacqui [Brown Miller] conducted research and analysis regarding public policy issues relating to oil spill prevention, response, and remediation.  She developed and evaluated policy options to assist the Council in meeting its goals.  Jacqui prepared and presented written and oral reports to other organizations.  … She oversaw the monitoring and analysis of state and federal legislative action.  Jacqui also met with elected representatives and their staff regarding legislative matters relating to the Council’s mission.  She drafted bills to advance Council's legislative agenda and provided prepared testimony at legislative hearings.  Jacqui also interfaced with the Office of the Attorney General regarding legal advice to the Council and then assisted me in interpreting that advice and taking the appropriate course of action.  … Jacqui provided high-quality and objective research and analysis in a timely manner.  She also demonstrated excellent written oral presentation skills.  … Jacqui also managed the Council’s various research projects.  … [S]he procured professional services contracts, in consultation with the Governor’s Contracts Office, and then managed and monitored consultants as they performed services to support Council research projects.  … Jacqui independently dealt effectively with complex and difficult situations in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment, yet she often sought advice from people who have successfully solved similar problems.  Jacqui demonstrated a commitment to delivering a high-quality product on time and within budget.  She showed dedication and teamwork, and a willingness to work the hours needed to perform the job and fulfill commitments to other team members.  MORE.  ~ Mike Cooper, Chair, Washington Oil Spill Advisory Council (2009)

​Re: Natural Resources Law

"Jacqui Brown Miller used her incredibly keen mind and determination to advocate for our program's interests. Her skills and commitment to conservation helped us protect the resources for the present, while also keeping the future in mind." 

~ Ashley DeMoss, Forest Practices Regulatory Group, Department of Natural Resources (2004)

Re: Water Law

Coming Soon.  

Re: Land Use Law

As the Hearing Examiner Pro Tem, Jacqui Brown Miller was thoughtful and thorough in her deliberations on complex land use issues.  ~ Sandra Romero, Thurston County Commissioner (2015)

Re: Real Estate Law

It felt like my life was falling apart as I met Jacqui Brown Miller for the first time.  I had been served with a lawsuit from family to take the only home my children and I had ever owned. … She not only prepared an answer to the lawsuit, but in her wisdom, professional experience, and with diligent research, drew up a counterclaim for damages that turned the tide of the whole situation. … Jacqui is an excellent communicator.  … Jacqui really listened to me, she heard me. As a result, she was strategic in her handling of the service of the counterclaim to the suing party. That piece ended up being very relevant to the outcome of the case. … Jacqui kept my costs as low as possible. … Jacqui served my brilliantly prepared answer and counterclaim on a Friday. The power of Jacqui's 89 page document commanded a surrender the Monday following.  CASE CLOSED!  … I have an amazing sense of peace and security returned to me. Thank you Jacqui Brown Miller, you literally orchestrated getting the ONLY home I've ever had back! … Jacqui Brown Miller is not only a proven, above-par professional, she is full of integrity and heart. … I recommend her to you for the same, without a single reservation.  MORE.  ~ Dianna Marie Rae (2015)

Re: Business Law 

​Jacqui Brown Miller has been my business attorney since 2008.  She did the legal work to form two Limited Liability Companies.  Several years later when my circumstances changed, Jacqui drafted the asset purchase and sale legal documents so that I could close one of the companies.  Jacqui did all of the legal work to dissolve the company.  She's been available for many "what do I do now" consultations, as well, and has provided excellent advice.  Jacqui also drafted all of our service contracts, service warranties, and employee agreements.  Her astutely drafted documents have been tested more than once and they stood up well to serve our interest.   As the owner of a remodeling company, I appreciate a good craftsman who sweats the fine details.  Jacqui is a great attorney who brings a practical eye to her work, yet takes the time to ask the right questions and do things right.  I highly recommend her.  ~ Bernie Miller, owner, Quality Renovation and Carpentry LLC (2015)

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